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Build custom WordPress Themes without coding

ThemeFrame currently requires a local server environment with an outdated PHP version, the newest PHP versions won’t work. Do not purchase if this is a problem for you…

ThemeFrame is a WordPress Theme creation tool. It runs on your Windows or Apple desktop computer. ThemeFrame is not a WordPress theme. You use ThemeFrame to CREATE WordPress themes!

Unlimited everything: Create unlimited themes for unlimited sites! Distribute the themes, use them for your own sites or for your clients. Submit created themes to theme directories or create your own theme repository!

Create complete WordPress themes:

ThemeFrame creates everything needed for a complete, standalone WP Theme:

  • The functions.php file
  • index.php and all other page templates
  • The style.css CSS stylesheet
  • A javascript.js file with the required javascript
  • The comments.php comments template

ThemeFrame also handles the images that you may want to integrate into the theme design.

Create unlimited WP Themes for yourself, for clients or for public distribution. There is no limitation in what you can do with the created Themes.