Easy: You’ll get very far without coding.

Most “Premium Themes” or “Theme Frameworks” are still relatively hard to use. ThemeFrame lets you design everything, down to the smallest thing, in a visual interface that you control with your mouse. No coding required.

Time-Saving: Be productive & avoid the headaches.

Focus on the artistic, visual aspects of web site design, and let ThemeFrame deal with the annoying parts like creating browser-safe, flexible-width layouts.

Lightweight: Extensive customization & lightweight results.

All the heavy lifting is done inside ThemeFrame, not through a theme options page. This way you get extensive customization options, but the created themes are very lightweight, just like carefully hand-coded themes.

Enlightening: You’ll learn CSS while using ThemeFrame.

While being easy to use, ThemeFrame still stays rather close to the real thing – pure CSS. You deal with real CSS all the time, you just don’t type it. You don’t need to remember it, or look it up.

Proven: Created by the author of Atahualpa

ThemeFrame was created by the author of “Atahualpa“, the #1 most popular Theme on with 800,000+ downloads and 400+ ratings. Atahualpa has an exceptional keeper rate, too – on Yahoo the footer backlink can be found on over 5 million web pages.

Lasting: ThemeFrame will be around for years to come.

Nobody wants to invest time and energy into something that may be gone in a year. The core members of the ThemeFrame team are well past their Twenties, living in Germany and the US. We are in for the long haul and aim for organic, long term growth.