ThemeFrame vs. alternatives

ThemeFrame is very different from existing WordPress Theme related solutions: ThemeFrame is a standalone application – it does not need WP to run – and it creates standalone themes.

ThemeFrame vs. others…


Premium Themes & Theme Frameworks


COW: Application that CREATES (unlimited) themes. MILK: One or a few themes, usually with options pages.


Easy, no coding required: Everything is controlled with the mouse. Coding usually required for more advanced customization.

Exhaustive   customization?

Exhaustive: Style just about every element. Exhaustive at the price of having to code. The amount of mouse driven customization is usually quite limited.


The heavy lifting is done inside the ThemeFrame application. Created themes are very lightweight. Typically the customization logic is integrated into the theme itself (because that’s all you get) leading to rather heavy themes.

Browser Compatibility

Excellent browser compatibility is one of the most popular features of Atahualpa, and ThemeFrame has the same browser compatibility. Browser compatibility is  surprisingly often ignored or downplayed especially when it comes to IE6 and  IE7.


Fully Standalone: Create “full” themes like the free ones listed at, not “child” themes. Some work with parent/child themes, others with configuration through an admin area.


Fully White-Lable: No links or other references to us anywhere on the created themes. Some require to have a link, others make this an option, that needs to be turned off if not desired.


No limitations: Create unlimited themes and use them on unlimited sites, for an unlimited time. Usage usually limited to one or few sites. Some demand extra fees when handing out themes to clients.


No Limitations: Sell your created themes to clients, give them away for free or distribute them on your web site. Usually GPL, and while you can theoretically do many things with the themes it is generally frowned upon to buy a GPL Premium Theme and sell it on your site without adding value.


$60. Lifetime license, 1 year free upgrades. ~ $25 – $299 and more.