Configure & Style everything with your mouse – without coding:

  • Point your mouse at the page element you want to style.
  • Double- or Right-click to open the CSS Inspector.
  • Adjust the colors, borders, font sizes etc. with check boxes, select menus, size sliders and color pickers.
  • Watch the changes in real time in the live preview window.
  • Try out more color, size and font combinations in less time.

Create unlimited WordPress themes with the following features:

  • Standalone: Themes don’t require a parent theme. They are “full” themes that work on their own.
  • White-Label/Unbranded: No links or other references to us anywhere on the themes.
  • Browser-Safe: This includes support for IE6 and IE7 both of which MANY developers have abandoned as being “outdated” despite the fact that IE6’s still has 9% market share worldwide as of Oct. 2011, due to its popularity in China, see also Microsoft’s site http://www.ie6countdown.com/.
  • Lightweight: The customization is done in the external ThemeFrame software, not inside the theme itself. Due to this ThemeFrame created themes can be (and are) lightweight, just like hand-coded themes.
  • No License restrictions: No usage restrictions on the themes created with ThemeFrame. Do whatever you want. You’re welcome to sell, distribute or give away the themes you created with ThemeFrame.
  • Any number of templates, default WP and custom page templates. Create basic themes with just 1-2 templates or sophisticated ones with 15 templates.
  • Custom widget areas. Place extra widget areas in the layout per drag & drop.
  • Fixed or Flexible width: A robust flexible width layout is rare. With with min-wdith and max-width.
  • 0 – 6 sidebars (up to 3 on each side) per page template.
  • Browser fixes created automatically.
  • Standard theme structure for best plugin compatibility and to ensure that you can make good use of most web tutorials if you wish.
  • Drop Down Menus: 2 horizontal drop down menus integrated, using the new WP menu functions.
  • Robust DIV layout, with tables served for IE6/7. All modern browsers (and search engines!) get a DIV-only layout without tables!

A few highlights of the core ThemeFrame application:

  • Drag & Drop: Place, add and remove page items with your mouse, per drag & drop.
  • Visual CSS: Style page items with your mouse, with a CSS Inspector that opens on right- or double-click.
  • Unlimited Undo/Redo: With History list where you can pick any previous development state and quickly jump there.
  • Live Preview: Immediate live preview, no search-edit-save-reload orgies.
  • FTP: FTP-transfer themes directly from within ThemeFrame to an existing WordPress installation.
  • ZIP: Create complete WP Themes as ZIP files for easy installation, or create single theme files.
  • Export/Import: Export and Import themes you’ve done earlier or that you’ve got from someone.
  • Lifetime: No expiration, lifetime license.
  • Offline: Not bound to a online service, no requirement to be online, no “calling home”.