Terms & Conditions

Below are the terms and conditions that you agree to when you purchase from our website.

General use

With the purchase of ThemeFrame, you are able to utilize created WordPress themes for:

  • an unlimited time
  • an unlimited amount of web sites
  • personal and commercial web sites
  • your own web sites and client web sites

With every purchase You receive 1 year of free upgrades to newer versions of ThemeFrame. The license for your existing ThemeFrame versions do not expire. You can keep using your existing ThemeFrame version for an unlimited time.


With every purchase you get 1 year of support and all support inquiries and questions shall be addressed in the support forum. This is the quickest and most efficient way for anyone who has purchased ThemeFrame to receive support. Moreover, the support that we offer shall include common issues and bugs that might occur, and not necessarily customization of any themes. Support will only be given to those who purchased ThemeFrame from our websites (*.bytesforall.com, themeframe.com).

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Buy ThemeFrame with the comfort of knowing that your order is backed by a 100% Money-Back Guarantee. This 30-Day Guarantee gives you plenty of time to try ThemeFrame and see if it fits your needs. If for any reason you need to cancel your order, just contact us and you’re done! We are confident of the quality of our products, and we want to provide a positive customer experience. To request a refund, Contact us. Please, give it up to 2 business days for our Support Team to get back to you.


ThemeFrame functions on a clean installation of a local web server environment with a web server and a PHP version 5.3.X, e.g. 5.3.10 or similar, on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Mac OS and Linux. WordPress themes created with ThemeFrame function on recent, not too ancient installations of WordPress. The created themes are WordPress-compliant and ThemeFrame aims to be compatible with all plugins however we cannot guarantee that the themes will work with every single one of the thousands of available WordPress plugins. It is our policy to support ThemeFrame as best we can, and we will provide support to created themes or instances of third party applications at our discretion or as time allows.

Theme license

You can license ThemeFrame-created themes as you wish. It is not in our hands or our interest to force a licensing scheme upon you. For publicly distributed themes we recommend the GPL license for totalĀ  compliance with WordPress.