Sample Themes

The following 3 themes are included in ThemeFrame. You can export them as themes right away, without doing any edits:

All have a numbered page navigation which is better for usability and SEO than the standard “previous/next” links. No plugin (e.g. WP PageNavi) is needed for this, it’s done in a lightweight way with core WordPress functions.

All have up to 2 multi level drop down menus which will use a custom configured menu if available or else will fall back to “Pages” and “Categories” respectively.

All have up to 1 dozen widget areas. All sidebars are widgetized and then you can add (per drag and drop) custom widget area blocks into various layout areas: HEADER, CENTER TOP, CENTER BOTTOM, FOOTER.

White Sample Theme 

Grid based theme with full width backgrounds. Note the full width divider lines between header, main area and footer. Also has 4 custom widget areas in the footer.


Theme12 Legacy

This uses the legacy table layout technique instead of a grid. The legacy layouts allow up to 3 sidebars left and up to 3 right, and the width of the sidebars can be set with individual pixel values (whereas with a grid system you have predefined column widths). The layout width can be fixed or flexible, and if flexible, min and max widths can be set, too.

Theme12 Full Backgr.

This is also grid based and has full width backgrounds. Also widgets areas in the footer.




Here are screenshots of some WP themes made by ThemeFrame users: