ThemeFrame 1.0 released

ThemeFrame 1.0 is available – Get a lifetime license now for only $60.

This includes free upgrades and access to the ThemeFrame members forum for 1 year. This is not recurring – you don’t have to purchase another year each year.

The actual ThemeFrame license is lifetime. That means you can use the ThemeFrame versions that you already downloaded forever. There is also no limitation in terms of how many themes you can create or amount of web sites you can use them on.


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ThemeFrame 1.0 released

  • Hi Flynn, I dont understand the price drop. RC7 was $110 (with lifetime upgrades), but TF1 is $60 (1yr upgrades). Is that why the price drop? New users only get 1yr versus RC purchases get lifetime upgrades?

    Love TF, so glad I got in at RC, but a little dissappointed at the price drop. I would have thought new purchasers need to be paying at least $110.


  • New purchasers pay $60 per year while you don’t pay ever again.

    After 25 months you saved $70, after 37 months $130, and so on.

    You are also not affected by any price increases in the future.

  • :) I did realise that, but my issue is more that someone purchased TF 2 weeks ago for $110 and they have TF101, they may never have to/want to upgrade. Someone buys today and they get TF101 for $60 and possibly wont upgrade either.

    I just think you are selling too cheaply Flynn. Its very much worth $110 even for one year and no further upgrades (in my opinion :)

    Your call though. Hope you make a squillion regardless :)

  • I’m expecting to purchase this great product.

    Can you list some actual URL examples of folks who have used ThemeFrame to create and publish themes. Screen shots are okay, but I expect others would like to see what can be and has been developed in the real world.

  • is any demo available so we can go through all?

  • I’m going to have to call this for Flynn. The global economy is in the tank, and if he charges this low price it will not only draw more users, but will make it easier for people to warrant spending US$60 a year to maintain ongoing support. It’s also disruptive to the market, so if enough word gets out that people can simply build their site instead of pay some potential grifter way too much to use a Flash-based template, then that’s a win right there.

    I think it’s a smart move. I’ll be ordering our first year today using my work persona :)

    If you don’t hear it enough, Thanks For Atahualpa! Saved my ass for the last few years 😀

  • Themeframe and its unique features are made me so happy! I think this is best time for getting yours unique license. Me shared this information to all my wordpress friends, keep rocking

  • I too have been using Atahualpa for a bit of time now… it’s great but being able to develop my own is intriguing. I’d like to see some actual functioning sites built using TF. Can you provide more then just screen shots? and a vid or ?? showing how to get the “look” of the site rather then just repositioning widgets and navigation.

  • Sorry for the late post on this, I’m sure Flynn thought, to keep the current lifetime(forever) members happy, he would charge about 60% for a one year membership plus updates. This really makes perfect sense to me from a business aspect and future growth of the product.

    I’m just glad that I got in almost 2 years ago. ThemeFrame is such an awesome product that if I had only found out about it now, I would pay the yearly price. I know that you can use the product forever, but I have seen steady improvements to ThemeFrame to make it worth upgrading to the newest release.

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