ThemeFrame RC3 released

ThemeFrame Release Candidate 3 is available now. It includes a better CSS tooltip, an option to automatically resize big images inside posts, improved internal code, and various bug fixes.

ThemeFrame RC3 Screenshot

Screenshot of ThemeFrame RC3: Hovering over HTML items illustrates their dimensions with colored boxes and displays their CSS properties with a tooltip

Get ThemeFrame now for only $110. This buys you a lifetime license with lifetime updates. You’llĀ  never have to pay again for ThemeFrame.

This offer is only valid as long as ThemeFrame is in Release Canddiate stage.

WordPress, Browsers, HTML, and CSS change and evolve all the time. Keeping ThemeFrame up to date with all this is an ongoing effort and requires several updates per year.

Once TF version 1.0 is out, TF will still carry a lifetime license (use what you have as long as you want), but without lifetime updates (get new software versions forever). However, if you get TF now, you won’t be affected by this. You will have your lifetime updates, like everyone else who got in before 1.0 was released (which will be end of 2011).



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ThemeFrame RC3 released

  • Just started scratching the surface with ThemeFrame. The basics are … well … basic. But there is a lot of depth to explore. Hope you’ll start putting out some new videos for us more challenged followers. Thanks

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